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Say It Isn’t So … Printing Myths

Myth: Print marketing will die off soon

Fact: Print marketing is here to stay, as studies continue to prove that most consumers prefer to be communicated with via print.

Myth:  Young people do not respond to print marketing

Fact: The 18-24 age group is the second most-responsive demographic to direct-mail marketing, right behind the 65 and up age group. That demonstrates that younger generations are embracing print more than their parents.

Myth:  Printing isn’t eco-friendly

Fact:  Printers that use recycled paper and low-VOC-emitting soy-based inks are indeed eco-friendly.

Myth: Printing causes deforestation

Fact: Most of the paper produced comes from tree farms specifically planted for the purpose of supplying paper. Such farms continually replant trees as a matter of business. Moreover, there are now more trees in the U.S. than there were 20 years ago.

Myth: Print marketing is ineffective

Fact: Print marketing reaches customers on a more private level. This is especially true for direct mail such as postcards and sales letters. Consumers prefer print marketing for communications and are more likely to respond to it.

Myth: Print marketing can’t be personalized

Fact: Not only can you generate a targeted mailing list, you can employ variable printing to personalize anything you want.

Myth: Printing is too expensive

Fact: Offset printers make large print runs affordable, and the advent of high-quality digital printing makes short runs affordable for even the smallest companies.

Myth: You can’t measure results from print campaigns

Fact: Coupons, coupon codes, and other tracking features allow you to measure your response rate and return on investment with accuracy.

Myth:  Direct mail is junk mail

Fact: While it’s true that most direct mail ends up in the trash within two weeks, it’s also true that a large number of consumers respond to well-targeted print marketing materials. In fact, 73 percent of consumers say they prefer print mail versus email.

Source: B.Morris

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