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PI 400 Fast Track Company

Printing Impressions has just released it’s PI 400 the Who’s Who in printing. Premier is proud to say that we have topped the annual honor roll as a “Fast Track Company”. We owe our success to our ability to handle “tremendously large projects in printing and mailing, while meeting the strictest possible requirements for quality, speed, and, above all, accuracy for our clients,” says Tim Cicchese, CEO.

With a HIPAA-compliant facility that is over 85,000-sq.-ft., there’s no substitute for the kinds of technology that enable Premier to achieve an accuracy rate of 99.997% for HIPAA communications. In 2018, Premier produced 50 million such pieces meeting that ultra-high requirement. In mid-2019, they boosted their capacity by adding their second HP T230 color inkjet web press, and a HP T240 HD inkjet web press. Post-print assets include in-line finishing equipment from Tecnau and BlueCrest Epic inserters.

“Our clients are the driving force behind our galloping pace for our rate of expansion these last 10 years. Premier Graphics will continue to rise to the kinds of challenges we’ve accepted and succeeded with, that our competition couldn’t,” says Cicchese.

To read more about our technical prowess and our 50% growth check out the Printing Impressions article here:

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