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Envelope Chart

Envelope Chart

Commercial / Business Standard & Window

The #10 Commercial Flap Envelope has become the most widely used for a variety of office/business and personal correspondence in the United States. The Commercial Flap Envelope has a gummed flap and is made in a wide range of bond and kraft papers. Commercial Flap sizes are available with windows.


Commercial and Side Seam flap styles are ideal for machine insertion. Wallet flaps provide a large area ideal for imprinting. 
Square flaps are contemporary, but not recommended for machine insertion.



Large flap can be printed to contain any message.
Used for donations, coupons, credit information, applications, statements, etc.



Open-end style. Wide seams with heavy gummed flaps provide good protection for mail handling of catalogs, magazines, reports, etc.



For use with brochures, folders, and other types of direct mail. 
Open-side design permits overall printing.



Made for use with a wide range of matching text and cover papers.
Many have deckle-edge flaps.



Formal envelopes with deep pointed flap.
Widely used for invitations, announcements, and greeting and social cards.



The unusual square shape helps attract attention to your piece.
Please keep in mind square envelopes are nonstandard and require additional postage to mail.

Click on the link below for more information on Envelope Sizing:



Envelope Chart
FTP Instructions

FTP Instructions

Downloading and Uploading to the COS FTP:


Downloading FileZilla


Watch the video to the right to learn how to download, install and connect to our FTP. You should have, by now,  been provided with your unique user name and password from your project manager here at COS. Continue reading below for additional written directions.


1. Click this link: “FileZilla" to download and install the FTP software


2. FileZilla will display two options to download, chose “FileZilla” on the right side


3. Once the file has been downloaded open the .exe file and follow the install instructions – Agree to terms, for the next options you can customize them or continue choosing next. These options in order are User permissions, Install components (click the desktop icon when installing the program so you can access the program straight from your desktop), Install location and Shortcut name. Once these options are completed click next to finish the software installation.


4. Once the install window closes open FileZilla and in the Host: area in the top left of the program window type in:, Next enter your username and password which will be given to you by your project manager (these credentials are case sensitive), and then enter 22 in the Port area and click Quickconnect to connect to our secure FTP client


5. For more information on installing FileZilla Please view the video on below for the install steps from start to finish.

FTP Instructions

Offset & Digital Press Specifications

Offset & Digital Press Specifications

Updated Offset and Digital Press Specs1-

Premier Offset & Digital Press Specifications


Click on the link below for more information on Premier's press capabilities:


Premier Marketing Brochures

COS Marketing Brochures



Click on the links below for more information onCOS' equipment, capabilities, and vertical market solutions:



Marketing Brochures

Useful Links

Useful Links

Credit Application


Dowload this form


Please dowload this form, fill it out, sign scan and email to

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