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Looking to improve your response rates? Have you ever heard of the “round-tripper”? Made famous back in 2015 by Premier’s very own Jack Flaherty, this unique product is getting high praise.

The round-tripper is fully customizable which means you can add unlimited variable data and picture options. By doing so, you create highly targeted personalized pieces for each mailing recipient and improve your overall response rates.

  • This piece is a 4 in 1, tri-folded direct mailing vehicle that is printed double-sided, trimmed, scored, perforated, folded and glued. It also features these 4 functions:

  • 3.5” x 8.5” tearaway return envelope with a peel & stick strip

  • Custom reply card which is part of the return envelop

  • Custom letter or giving message

This piece serves as an addressed and wafer sealed #10 envelope

Our standard size, when folded for mailing, is 6”x 8.5” and runs on our high-speed inkjet web presses up to speeds of 400ft per minute. This is great for larger print runs (over 10,000 pieces*).

Our smaller size, when folded for mailing, is 5.125”x 8.5” and runs on our digital toner-based presses and is great for smaller print run.

The round-tripper is great for organizations including schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, and foundations looking to produce high return rates while providing a 4 in 1 piece that saves time and money.

If you would like more information on our round-trippers and our ability to help your organization save money while also producing higher response rates, please call or email Premier today.

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