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Inkjet Book Printing: Everyone Gets a Book

Book printing can be expensive. To keep unit costs down, publishers typically print more than they need and that leads to waste and storage fees.

Digital inkjet is designed to help solve these challenges.  While just in time manufacturing has been around for years it can now be applied to printing. Here are some pros of using high-speed digital inkjet for book publishing:

Speed to Print: Inkjet printing eliminates all plate setting. Combine this with production speeds of over 400 feet per minute, and inkjet becomes ideal for short run printing business.

Customizable: Inkjet printing offers variable data printing (VDP) which is perfect for customized book runs of one to several thousand.

Faster Turnaround Time: Inkjet printing meets quicker printing schedule demands so that just in time inventory is in hand when it needs to be.

Electronic Collation: Books can be printed in page order, or any order needed. This is very beneficial as it allows in-line creation of the book for binding.

The bottom line is that high-speed inkjet printing is creating new opportunities for the book publishing market and it is enabling publishers to meet the market’s need for short runs like never before.

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