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Companies removing “go green – go paperless” messaging

Everyone has seen a “Go Green … sign up for paperless” from either a bank, utilities, and other service companies. What if I told you that was an advertisement and part of a marketing campaign? What if you learned print is actually sustainable?

Two Sides a non-profit network is spreading awareness about print and paper sustainability. They tackle relevant environmental and social issues with factual, authoritative information that exposes the myths and explains the industry’s true sustainability so that you can make well-informed decisions when it comes to the use of print and paper.

Their Myths and Facts section explores the topic. Examples include:

· The Myth: Going Paperless Saves Forests

· The Fact: In North America, we grow more trees than we harvest

· The Myth: Electronic communication is more environmentally friendly

· The Fact: Electronic communications also have an environmental impact

“Over 440 companies, including many of the Fortune 500, have changed or removed their environmental claims following discussions with Two Sides. “Environmental claims in the U.S. and Canada must meet the guidelines and rules of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission¹ and the Competition Bureau of Canada² which include having credible and specific science-based facts to support claims. Unfortunately, we have found that these requirements are rarely met and corporations use ‘go green’ claims purely for marketing and enticing more customers to digital options. Companies are also ignoring the growing environmental footprint of their electronic infra-structure, including the use of non-renewable resources, energy and the large amounts of e-waste generated,” says Phil Riebel, President, Two Sides North America.”

We recognize that Two Sides is a global initiative by companies, like Premier Graphics, from the Graphics Communications industry. They make some interesting points and helping raise awareness of sustainability is very important.

This is a great topic to debate and we encourage everyone to learn more.

For more information on how Premier can help you with your next printed or electronic communication, please contact us at

¹ US Federal Trade Commission. Green Guides.

² Competition Bureau of Canada and Canadian Standards Association. Environmental Claims: A Guide for Industry and Advertisers.

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