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Did you know that Premier is HIPAA Compliant?

Every day, Premier prints and mails transactional documents that contain personal information. In order to improve our service and quality standards, we converted our entire facility and operations in order to be HIPAA compliant.

Premier Graphics has successfully completed the HIPAA Privacy and Security Training for Business Associates. It contains an overview of information privacy and data security and requires the adoption of specific policies and procedures to comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations.

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996.  The primary goal of the law is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information and help the healthcare industry control administrative costs.

HIPAA does the following:

Provides the ability to transfer and continue health insurance coverage for millions of American workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs;Reduces health care fraud and abuse;Mandates industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processes; andRequires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information

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