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You Need To Know About Commercial Inkjet Printing

Production inkjet technology has been on the rise and statistics show that sales are up 22% globally. Inkjet technology is still in its early stage of the development cycle and is thriving because it offers a greater throughput productivity than toner and is ideal for printing variable data for transactional and direct mail applications.

In the last 5 years over $10 billion has cumulatively been invested in inkjet R&D. Printed pieces produced on continuous-feed inkjet printers can be clustered into a few groups: transaction, direct mail, books, and marketing communications. Examples of some variable data items are personalized medical benefits notices and local doctor directories, personalized magazines that act as a direct mail piece, and personalized colorful financial statements. Inkjet production rates are 3 to 10 times faster than toner and more cost effective even with full color.

Direct mailing is big business and inkjet technology allows for customized color printed pieces that are produced faster and cheaper than ever before. Response rates to static direct mail are relatively low, but they are still predictable. Send out 100,000 pieces and you’ll get at least 2,000 responses. Email response rates tend to hover around the 0.10 percent response rate and are steadily declining due in part to spam filters. New inkjet technology allows for pieces to be redesigned with less saturation for savings up to 50% or more. Digital toner print pricing is based on “clicks” and not coverage. Therefore, customers are paying the same high price for each page regardless of the design. With inkjet, a simple redesign could save thousands of dollars while still taking advantage of variable color printing.

By using variable data each document will be specifically catered to each consumer. You can target consumers name or you can have detailed messages depending on the data collected for each recipient.  This could include targeted advertisements for services that they may not be subscribed to yet. Changing messaging, pictures, graphics and other elements are only limited by your imagination.

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