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Why Cheap Printing Isn’t Good, And Good Printing Isn’t Cheap

All marketers would like to cut costs but printing is one expense you should question more before going with the cheapest. Getting deals on printing may not be potential savings at all in the long run. Here are some key factors you should look for when picking your next printer.

Does your Printer Follow Due Dates? Scheduling is everything in marketing. It is imperative that due dates for projects are firm and not optional.  Your printer should work with you to plan due dates accordingly and stick with them so that your time-sensitive projects stay on time every time. Catherine Likens, one of our Account Managers, says that “We do everything in our power to keep due dates for our clients and that is essential to building lasting relationships. We have an excellent “on time” history, in the past 10 years.”

How is The Customer Service? One thing your printer should excel at is prompt communication. Whether it is to confirm proofs and order status or changes to the production schedule. You should never be left in the dark about when or where your printed piece is in the production cycle. Just ask a pro; our VP of Sales, Jack Flaherty says: “A good printer will;

Provide advance specification guidelines for projects

Maintain contact with clients during step by step project processes

Update clients on Postal changes in terms of rates and USPS specifications for all mail pieces

Deliver estimates of projects within 24 hours

How is The Printing Quality: Receiving your printed materials should be an exciting and rewarding experience. A great printer wants to make sure that their clients are satisfied with the services that they provided to them. Our VP of Business Development, Robert Sternau, states “Speed, Quality, Price, pick anyone and you sacrifice two. If you pick price you are sacrificing speed and quality. You want a printer who will consult with you and advise you on not just the materials but the production, marketing, and postage. You can always buy for less but what are you sacrificing in quality when you do?”

Is your Printer Knowledgeable: Your printer should work directly with you and be able to offer recommendations when making the final selection of paper, ink, and other customizations. If the printer is local, you will have the advantage of reviewing samples at their office and perhaps even seeing their equipment and meeting the production staff. One of our Project Managers, Todd Osgood, says “A good printer knows to ask the right questions at the beginning of the project to make sure everything is planned and priced accordingly so there are no surprises throughout production.”

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