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When Direct Mailing Pulls Ahead of Digital

Sometimes Direct Mail Is Just Better

Many may think that direct mailing for political campaigns has gone the way of the dinosaur … Reasons for the forecasted decline was due to the rise of digital ads and video.  Recently, experts say direct mailing is actually a growing medium and not down and out after all. For example take this coming election, we can expect to see the most political mail in history. Why are we seeing this comeback? Here are the top 3 reasons why digital ads and video are losing out to direct mailing:

Limited Reach

Banner and video ads can help you target more people for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, there is also direct-response benefits, allowing voters to click through to donate or sign up to take action. These advantages had many convinced that direct mail was on its way out, but the biggest challenge with solely utilizing digital advertising is that these programs are only reaching about half of the desired audience. That means that even with a well-funded program key targets and audiences are not being reached.  Direct mail target lists can be segmented many ways to insure the message is going to the right voters.

The Persuadable Percentage

Many campaigns can predict who will be the swing voters and then target them. It becomes   much more cost effective to use direct mail to reach the 15-20 percent of the electorate that is persuadable than to use television or radio to blanket everyone. Not always, of course—But frequently when campaigns “run the numbers,” direct mail makes the most sense financially.

Barrier to Entry is Low

When it comes to creating and placing TV ads, you are faced with exorbitant costs and a less than timely production schedule. The solution is direct mail. It is less expensive and ideal for reaching voters at home. Just put your ideas together and let your Premier’s single source solution take you to the promised land of direct marketing.

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