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USPS Self Mailer Spec Changes Part II

Did you read and memorize the USPS’ lengthy document outlining the Folded Self-Mailer regulations? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The USPS made a few revisions to the requirements for letter-sized folded self-mailers. In our last post, we touch on self-mailer sizing, paper weight, and folding. Some of the other requirements to keep in mind when designing your self-mailers are the size of the sealable flaps and the correct size tabs or wafer seals to use.

Flap: The flap may only be on the non-addressed side. The horizontal flaps must extend at least 1.5” from the top of the mailer but cannot extend closer than 1” from the bottom of the mail piece. The side flaps on the self-mailer must extend 5” from the lead edge (left edge of non-addressed side; right edge of addressed side).

Tabs: When using tabs or as they are also known as, wafer seals, you cannot use perforated ones. There is also a minimum of 2 tabs on a self-mailing piece, they should be placed on the top or side, depending on the location of the fold. The minimum tab size to use for up to 1oz in weight is a 1” tab and for self-mailers, over 1oz in weight you must use a tab that is 1.5”. Keep in mind if your self-mailer uses fugitive glue, as long as the glue is used within ¼” of the edge, tabs are not needed.

What hasn’t changed: Shape must be rectangular

Aspect ratio (length divided by height) must be 1.3 to 2.5

Address must be parallel to longer edge and indicia

Max weight is 3oz

Thickness must be .009” to .25”

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