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USPS Self Mailer Spec Changes

The USPS has made a few changes to the requirements for letter-sized folded self-mailers. Designing and mailing a self-mailer that doesn’t fit the USPS required regulations will likely result in a surcharge. Size: Your self-mailing piece should be between the Maximum size of 10.5” x 6” and the minimum size of Minimum size: 5” x 3.5”

Paper weight: If your self-mailing piece is up to 1 oz the minimum paper weight should be 70lb offset. If the self-mailing piece is over 1 oz the minimum paper weight should be 80lb offset.

Folding: Your self-mailing piece should be no more than 12 panels, and the final fold must be on the bottom or to the right of the address, and the mailing panel cannot be on final fold.

What hasn’t changed: Shape must be rectangular

Aspect ratio (length divided by height) must be 1.3 to 2.5

Address must be parallel to longer edge and indicia

Max weight is 3oz

Thickness must be .009” to .25”

Stay tuned for part two of Folded Self-Mailers: Flaps and Tabs.

For more information on how Premier can help email us at  Better yet, send us some examples of your current work and we will provide ideas for effective enhancements and redesign at no cost!

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