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USPS Irresistible Mail

The USPS has put out another book in their Irresistible Mail series. The Irresistible Mail website showcases new innovations for printing with the use of mobile technology. Together they create eye-catching memorable interactive experiences that are launched via a mobile device.

The site showcases 12 innovations to consider adding to your next direct mailing piece.

These include:

VR (Virtual Reality)

Textures (Varnishes & FinishesNFC (Near Field Communication)

AR (Augmented Reality)

Formats (Unique Folds & Die Cuts)

Video (Video-Enhanced Print)

QR (Quick Response Codes)

Digital to Direct (Data-Driven Messaging)

Buy Now (Shoppable Social Media)

Analytics (Trackable Data)

VDP (Variable Data Printing)

Neuroscience (Cutting-edge Research)

Each innovation category showcases a statistic and explanation about the innovation followed by a short video of a direct mail piece utilizing the new innovation. If you are looking for more direct mail ideas, the Irresistible mail gallery will be right up your alley.  It has approximately 100 images and articles that will spark your creativity when designing your next direct mailing campaign.

For more information on how premier can help you with your next direct mailing piece contact

For more information on the Irresistible mail book visit and be sure to check back in next week when we do a review of the book itself.

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