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Trade Shows . . . Easy As 1, 2, 3

Planning your next trade show? Here are 3 tips to make it a success:

Don’t Forget Promotions and Giveaways:

Trade show attendees love promotional products and they are a great way to give your brand more visibility. Some current crowd favorites include Keychain lights, power banks, USB Flash Drives, Pens, Water bottles and tote bags. For contest giveaways try t-shirts and hats, both are great for conversation starters for attendees. Our favorites are branded notepads (kept on desks for a long time!)

Make your booth interactive:

Try using touch screens at your next trade show, studies show that interactive booths draw a crowd and hold people’s attention longer. By strategically placing the interactive areas within your booth you will generate more foot traffic and create a better understanding of the product or service you are promoting. Try using iPad stands, they are a great way to display your product and utilize touch screen interaction!! People love that!

Make a Statement with your display:

Looking to order a display for your next trade show or event? We recommend one of our favorite displays – The 10ft pop-up podium display, full-color graphics, and iPad stands. It is portable and comes with LED backlights to make the display really pop. Everything you need for set up fits conveniently inside the podium which doubles as a carrying case for the entire display. This case will also fit in the backseat of a mid-sized car. The podium is equipped with two handles and wheels which make moving and carrying the display to and from locations a breeze. Inside the podium you will find the 10ft pop-up display and lighting elements, there are 4 removable shelves that can hold up to 15lbs, the countertop which comes in a variety of colors, a kick guard, and the podium wrap. What we love most about this display is the customized graphics printed in full color, the best part is that the backgrounds are interchangeable. So once you have the display you can order replacement backgrounds or an entirely different one. Set up is simple and easy and will turn heads at your next trade show. Below are photos of a recent pop-up display we made for a client of ours.

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