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Rock The Design Of Your Next Direct Mailpiece

Creating a direct mail piece can be challenging, but there is good news! The USPS recently came out with a helpful list of the top 3 challenges when designing direct mail campaigns.

1. Odd Shapes

  • Squares and tubes are charged higher prices for postage because they have to be processed manually. These pieces are known as Customized Marketing Mail or CMM.

  • Bulky items such as pens in regular letter envelopes are likely to get damaged or lost.

2. Address Mistakes

The mailing address should be on the front of your mailing piece (The same side as the postage) The mailing address should be placed:

  • 1/2 inch from the left edge of the piece

  • 1/2 inch from the right edge of the piece

  • 2-3/4 inches from the bottom edge of the piece

  • 5/8 inch from the bottom edge of the piece

Use a return address to receive undeliverable mail when paying with precanceled stamps, or with a company permit imprint.

3. Misplaced Markings

  • Postage can be paid with a stamp, meter, or permit imprint, goes in the top right corner.

  • Class of Mail - First-Class Mail®, Marketing Mail™, or Nonprofit—must be printed as part of, directly below, or to the left of the permit imprint, meter imprint, or stamp.

  • Barcodes are needed to receive automation price breaks, mail pieces such as Letters & Flats must have a barcode for mailing.

USPS mailing regulations can seem confusing at first but Premier is here to help with all your direct mail design concerns. Send us your piece and we can advise on the “mailability” of your piece and suggest ways to make it eligible for the lowest possible postage rates. Contact Premier at for a copy of the USPS Domestic Mail Manual.

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