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PURLS of wisdom

Premier partners with industry leading providers to offer our innovative cross media marketing solutions.  Marketers need to synchronize their direct mail with web, email, mobile, social media and more.  How do you do it?   PURLS!

 With our unique personalization engine, marketers can finally deliver unique, relevant experiences for each Target on a one-to-one basis. Create compelling, highly personalized messaging to foster brand loyalty and drive campaign revenue – with point-and-click ease.

Unique Personalized URLs

A Personalized URL is a unique and personalized Web address created especially for each Target customer or prospect who receives your marketing communication. Personalized URLs contain the recipient’s name inside a Web address reserved exclusively for them — creating a truly personal and engaging experience. Think of it as a concierge service for your prospects or customers.

A PURL for Every Target

Generate Personalized URLs for each Target in your database. Use the PURLs you create as a platform for personalized, life-long communication with your audience – where you can push information relevant to your customers, and then measure how they interact with it. 

Their Name, Your Brand

Generate PURLs for Targets on your Company domain – creating a web page reserved exclusively for them, where they can receive personalized communication that maintains your brand experience.  Example:

Fast and Powerful

Generate hundreds of thousands of PURLs whenever you need to – in seconds, and from anywhere.

Set it and forget it

Host your PURLs using our exclusive technology on a domain name that is meaningful to you. All you need to do is own the domain – and we will host your PURLs and take care of the rest.

PURLs – Personalized URLs let you combine direct mail with the benefits of an interactive channel that provides a unique internet destination.  This will translate in capturing more data and more customers.  URLs with your target’s name provide interest and a unique incentive to visit the site.  The result is a dramatic increase in response rates.  Premier’s PURL solution is simple to implement and manage.


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