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Print By Design 4 Must Knows: Part 2

Know your Blacks – When designing for print keep in mind that the default black in Photoshop looks great for print but when you look at the CMYK values that make up that color you will find 75% cyan, 68% magenta, 67% yellow, and 90% black which equals 300% total coverage. This is a lot of ink to put on paper. As mentioned before when you use too much ink on paper you will end up with set-off (when the ink remains wet and transfers from one sheet to another) Instead you should be manually setting your black values. Try using a rich black of 50,40,40,100. This is a popular choice among designers, or you can try for a crisp black that many designers use for text 0,0,0,100. Both options will still give you great coverage without heavily soaking the paper stock.

Resolution on a computer screen- The resolution only alters how large your image physically looks on screen, where the print resolution determines how sharp and crisp your designs will appear when printed. 72ppi is the usual figure for web images, but in print 300ppi is the standard. The more dots or pixels you can put in every inch the more detail the image will retain when the image is printed with ink. You’re going to need large images to fill documents at 300ppi. Random images from the web are not going to work because they will be low resolution. You can’t scale up a design’s resolution. Make sure that you set the document size correctly to avoid having to start over.

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