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Poster Art: Artistic & Commercial

Posters are the wallpaper of our time, and these works of art can be used for artistic purposes as well as commercial purposes. Have you ever wondered what goes into designing these creative works of art? When brainstorming on how to design your concept keep in mind that posters require a very clear expression of the idea or concept you are trying to create. When creating the design, it must be visible at a distance and comprehended in one glance. Lines in the design most of the time are kept quite simple and the use of color is few but bold. When designing the lettering and body copy it is best to keep it to a minimum and to the point so it can be understood in one glance. Let’s not forget about sizing, these are just some of the most common poster sizes that many designers use for print and you’re certainly not restricted to just these sizes when designing your concept: Large (24” x 36”), Medium (18” x 24”), Small (11” x 17”) and A4 Paper (8.5” x 11”).

When looking for short run digital prints you can print up to 11” x 17” and you can print with variable data, customizing each poster to your target audience. When looking to print large sizes and large quantities you would print with a commercial 4 – 6 color offset press.

Now that we know what goes into creating a poster follow the link to see 50 Posters that Rocked the World

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