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Postcards For Everybody

Postcards…the thought of them suggests vacations and messages of “wishing you were here”. Today, our customers are utilizing them in very creative ways. Here are five creative ways to use postcards today:

Customer Follow Up – Postcards are a great way to keep your company name in front of your customers. They are an easy solution to reconnect with current customers and to thank new ones. When including a preferred customer coupon, you can win repeat business and track how effective the mailing was overall.

Mini Newsletters – Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your clients and perspects but they can be quite labor intensive. By using a postcard you can add a few relevant bullet pointed items to make the card easy to read while maximizing on all available printable space.

Handouts at Events – Postcards don’t only have to be for direct mail purposes, you can hand them out at events such as trade shows, seminars and leave them as takeaways. Postcards are larger than business cards and perfect for these events as you can list more information.

Offers Incentives and Referrals – While many have made the move to searching for online reviews, word of mouth still holds substantial weight. By encouraging postcard referrals or incentives that are redeemable for discounts you can track how effective your referral campaign is overall.

Drive Traffic to Your Website – It is imperative that businesses have a strong online presence in today’s marketplace. A way to incorporate the two would be to send a special offer postcard that is linked to a URL or coupon code to gather more targeted leads.

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