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Paper Statements vs eBills

Many companies have been placing a lot of emphasis on making the switch from paper billing statements to electronic billing statements or ebills. While many companies aggressively push ebills a recent study from the National Consumer Law Center stated that paper statements are much more effective than ebills.

Paper statements are especially needed for customers on the other side of the digital divide, these consumers more than likely lack the ability to access broadband internet.

Mobile devices even though quite popular are not a substitute for home computers and are unsuitable for record keeping.

Computer-savvy consumers may prefer paper as electronic statements are easy to overlook due to email overload.

Consumers tend to value a physical mail piece as a record-keeping tool and reminder to pay.

After doing a study the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that just over half of consumers that have opted for ebilling are not opening these statements and consumers who are “opt-out are for the most part opting out of reviewing their statements entirely.” By deciding to continue using paper statements consumers open and review their billing states and have a tangible reminder to follow up and pay their bills.

For more information on how Premier can help you with printing paper or ebills, email us at Better yet, send us some examples of your current work and we will provide ideas for effective enhancements and redesign at no cost!

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