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Open Sesame – Increasing Your Direct Mail Open Rate

There are an abundance of creative options for making your message stand out from the crowd.   Get creative, try new things, and most importantly track your hits and misses.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Avoid window envelopes.  Do you really want your marketing piece to look like a bill or mass junk mail?

Oversize it.  All pieces larger than your standard # 10 will stand out.

Use on-envelope messaging.  Provoke curiosity with custom messaging on the front or back of your envelope.  Personalize those messages with variable-data messaging.

Take Stock.  You are not limited to white, 24# white wove envelopes. Change the color, change the texture, change the medium (think transparent, polybags!)

Avoid Mondays.  Use timing to your advantage.  Envelopes have the best chance of being opened on Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday delivery should be avoided as it is the heaviest delivery day.

Use a real stamp.  Nothing says personal like a first class stamp!

Remember when marketing via direct mail to segment your list, shake up your messages and track for best results!!

Sources: USPS, Joe C. (LinkedIn)

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