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New Technology: Inkjet Printing

With all the buzz in the air about the advances with high-speed inkjet printing, it’s hard not to be excited about what inkjet printers can now bring to the table. Until now, the ability to produce cost-effective short-run, highly targeted and personalized documents 100% digital has been kept in runs of less than 5,000. With new advances in technology these inkjet printers have been engineered to produce large production volumes. Whether you are printing 15,000 sheets or 1.5 million sheets, with high-speed inkjet, you can print what is called “white paper” solution. This means white paper goes in, full-color documents, including 100% variable data are created, which will then come out the other end. This means shorter turnaround times and less processes in production.

According to the National Association for Printing Leadership, inkjet presses are currently ideal options for businesses involved in the production of publications, direct mailers and other transnational prints. Industrial inkjet will be a game-changer for customers, for example, if an automotive dealer wanted to send a postcard to all of its customers announcing new inventory, there are a number of ways it could be created to make a more personalized announcement through industrial inkjet printing.

Also variable data transactional prints for companies such as Home Heating and Power, Utilities, Universities & Private Educational Institutions, or Medical professions would find this new technology to be very beneficial, by being able to create eye catching variable data transactional pieces with charts and imagery.

Fun fact:  We will be announcing our latest equipment acquisition in the next week or so.  Call or email us now to learn about how you can take advantage of this ground breaking advancements today!

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