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Making Print Great Again

Economic concerns are always at the forefront of every marketer’s mind. Even when the economy is doing well, the thought of things getting worse looms overhead. The actual problem is that many companies are putting a higher focus on digital advertising as opposed to traditional printed marketing materials. Last year alone advertisers invested $17.6 billion in digital advertising in the 3rdquarter alone.

With all the spending in digital advertising, how do companies stand out from all the digital noise?

- Smart marketers use print to create targeted variable data on eye-catching pieces to break through the clutter. Printed pieces should reflect the company’s branding, be scannable by phone and have links to social media accounts.

- Be proactive and keep your eyes open for new creative forms of printed communication to adapt and stay ahead of your competition. Be aggressive with your promotions and offers, if an offer falls short of consumer expectations then your mailed piece will fall flat as well.

- Embrace new technology as it is there to help add a greater value to the printed pieces you provide your clients. You can reach your target market and track response rates from each customer via their contact information and social media accounts.

We are already seeing an increase in printed marketing communication materials. When done correctly printed communications can yield a higher return on investment than digital communications alone. This is because direct mail marketing campaigns can see higher response rates of up to 5.3% vs the low 0.9% response rates of tracked digital marketing methods. As digital response rates continue to fall it will be no surprise to see direct mailing response rates continue climbing upward.

For more information on how Premier can help email us at Better yet, send us some examples of your current work and we will provide ideas for effective enhancements and redesign at no cost!

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