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January 2017 Postage Rate Increase

Starting this January, The U.S. Postal Service puts into effect their new rates.  The USPS recently filed for the rate change for market dominant products, but the good news is we will see a drop in some categories for commercial First-Class mailings.

Note that there are two areas where we will see the largest increases; the first being the Retail Single Piece (stamped mail) and the second being Single Piece Flats, both of which growing 4.3%. We find the decreases, with Commercial First-Class Mail for Metered Single Piece Mail ($0.465 to $0.460) a savings of $0.005 (1.1%). The five-digit presorted mail will increase by .8% ($0.376 to $0.373) a savings of $0.003. Just by glancing at both of these numbers you may not think that this is a very large savings amount but, if you are sending about 1 million pieces you would save $2,885 each time.

The next big change involves weight restrictions for First-Class Commercial Machinable Letters. Weight allowance will increase 3.3 ounces to 3.5 ounces matching that of standard mail. This new weight increase will allow for heavier stocks, and inserts and increased opportunities for marketing and client communication opportunities.

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