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Informed Delivery: The Next Small Big Thing or Is it?

After hearing about Informed Delivery and weighing out the reasons why this service is so beneficial, I decided to head on over to the USPS website and sign up for this free service. Sign up was simple and easy, all you needed to do was pick a user name and password, add two security questions and choose if the account is personal or for business. Once you isgn up, you immediately start receiving an email notification every morning before 9am. These notifications show 10 scanned black and white images of the mail your household will be receiving for the day, if you are receiving more than 10 pieces of mail the email will have a link below that will take you to your USPS dashboard to view the rest of your mail for the day. Below are some images of what the email notifications look like.

After using Informed Delivery since its launch on April 14th it’s rather nice knowing exactly what is arriving in your mailbox each day. When I signed up I thought I would just be receiving the previews of my mail that would be arriving everyday but it turns out that is not the case, the email you receive in the morning has images of the mail arriving for everyone in the household. Other than that, I look forward to receiving the email alerts each day, the images provide a teaser of the marketed sales pieces and other mail to open later that day. I like the advance notice as well. I can relay the notifications to anyone in the household that may be looking for the piece of mail if they didn’t sign up for Informed Delivery. Also, it is very interesting to see how color pieces translate when scanned and sent in black and white, so far I have only seen two pieces that were a little hard to read but everything else was sharp and easy to make out. The scanned areas I find will provide marketers with a space for marketing campaign advertisements to draw up excitement about a mailed piece. The only drawback I can find would be for any student who is expecting a report card in the mail can no longer hide it from their parents.

Let us know what you think of this new service

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