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Informed Delivery: The Next Small Big thing

How does Informed delivery work?

The USPS digitally scans the front of mail pieces that run through their automation equipment. They can use those images to provide you with digital notifications in advance of the delivery of your mail. Informed Delivery is an optional notification service for residential consumers. The images are of the exterior, address side of all household mailing pieces.

What are benefits for users?

This service provides participating consumers with access to images of their household’s mail wherever, whenever on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. This service also benefits the entire household, ensuring that everyone sees the mail each day. By providing advanced notice of mail delivery this allows users to take action before important pieces of mail reach their household’s mailbox. You will now know when important notices such as bills, government mailings, and sensitive personal data mailings will be arriving. This is especially helpful in combating the fight against identity theft so you can now act when a piece of mail that was supposed to arrive is now missing.

How often are notifications sent and when?

Notifications are sent via email to your inbox using the email address you register with on the USPS website. If you receive over 10 pieces of mail, you will see the first 10 mailpieces in the email notification and will also be provided a link to see the remainder of your household’s mailpieces. Notifications will typically be emailed before 9:00 AM EST daily, Monday through Saturday, on days that mail is being processed.

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