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Improve Marketing Results with Augmented Reality (AR)

All marketers should be combining print with digital media to increase the customer’s overall interaction experience. Using Augmented Reality (AR) in your marketing is easier than ever before. Premier can easily add AR to your printed material so you can give your customers personal experiences that increase brand interaction and ROI’s across all channels and devices. Your customers can be taken to videos, special sites, order forms, additional content and more. We will work with your marketing team to combine multiple media channels for maximum impact and increased response rates.

Some Benefits of Augmented Reality

5-10 times more scans and engagement compared to QR codesTell the story of your product or service in an interactive engaging mannerImprove response rate and tracking of direct marketing programs.

AR is great for:

Direct MailingCatalogsBrochuresSolicitationsPosters & More

Real-time information: For printed promotional pieces add scan-able areas;

Links to actionable items like “Buy Now” options that hover over the selected item area of the printed piece.Give customers a link to your social mediaTake them to a page with more detailed information that wouldn’t easily fit in the print ad for example “Click to Save X%”Let them enroll in an event such as a webinarLink them to video content designed especially for the printed piece, that will generate interest and engage the user.

Try It Now: Download the free App ( Layar – Augmented Reality ) & place the scanner over the Premier Logo

For more information on how Premier can help you increase your marketing effectiveness with AR email us at

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