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How to Use Promotional Products during the 2016 Election Year

The election season is upon us and we will be printing and mailing hundreds of thousands of letters and postcards for this year’s races. Premier is helping candidates grab the attention of voters with multiple channels of communication!  Most candidates know the power of direct mail, but are you using promotional products?

How can you Use Promotional Products during the 2016 Election Year?

Spread Awareness

Awareness and education are important during the campaign cycle.  By using promotional products, you can spread awareness and educate your audience, and these products can help you get the word out.

Premier buttons, lapel stickers, pens, and pencils are great essentials that will drive name recognition for your candidate. Political signs, palm cards, magnets, and bumper stickers can help you further spread information and message points at political events and rallies.

Fundraising & Giveaways

When it comes to a political campaign, there is always more that you can do to get your name out there and raising funds can make or break your campaign. All of the front-runners in the current presidential election have their own creative promotional merchandise available for purchase. By offering your own merchandise you will build better campaign recognition and awareness. You could also use these items as contest giveaways to further spread your campaign trail. Top items include T-shirts, hot beverage tumblers, and tote bags which can be customized with your slogan, message or name and can be sold to help you raise campaign funds. The added bonus of using promotional merchandise for fundraising and giveaways is that it allows your supporters to become active to further share your name and your campaign message.

Donor Thank You

You can also use promotional items as a way to recognize and thank donors. Donor thank you, gifts can be something simple such as a palm card note of appreciation containing more information about upcoming events or more information about your campaign. By using promotional pens, pencils and stickers you are giving your supporters a simple but memorable thank you.

The possibilities for promotional items for campaign season are endless. From standard promotional items such as signs, palm cards, buttons and lapel stickers to tote bags, beverage tumblers and apparel you can be effective in many ways. Let your imagination be your guide and let us be your one-stop solution for all your campaigning needs this year. 

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