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Excited about High Speed Inkjet Printing?

With all the new exciting advances in print technology now is the time for clients to learn about how they can benefit from high-speed variable Inkjet Printing.  Think of this as your guide to Inkjet Printing and this post is chapter 1.

Production inkjet printing is a technology that has been in use for over 40 years and was initially developed by the Mead Paper Company. The early uses for Inkjet Printing were found in addressing, coding and lottery applications. As Inkjet Printing technology improved in both speed and resolution, high-speed inkjet printing has become common in the printing of transactional documents such as consumer statements for banks, credit card companies, utilities, telecommunications and insurance companies. Additionally, with these advances in color printing, production inkjet printing has expanded into personalized direct mail.

What are some of the benefits?

Personalized Print and Increased Response Rates: A common practice in direct mail marketing is to print a common advertisement and distribute within a geographic area. Response rates for this type of advertising are often significantly increased by the further personalization of the content using variable printing and customization. Personalized marketing messages outperform standard messages and lead to increased response rates. For example, personalized color direct mail was found to generate up to a 5% response rate, three times higher than the usual 2% response rate that occurs as the result of non-personalized direct mail (Melissa Data). When compared to static direct mail pieces, personalized direct mail pieces yielded a 24.5% increase in conversion, 36% increase in response rate, and a 48% percent increase in repeat orders (InfoTrends/Cap Ventures).

Lower Costs: We are particularly excited about the opportunity to revolutionize the cost structure of commercial and digital printing. With the ability to produce highly targeted and personalized documents in fewer processes start to finish clients can expect to see a price difference when printing with the new inkjet technology.

Faster Turnaround Times: Inkjet offers the promise of full digital production even at high volumes. These devices print at speeds of 1200 ppm and have been engineered to print large production volumes and 100% personalized documents. Faster production translates into the faster implementation of your marketing campaigns as well as the expedited delivery of your transactional documents (invoices and statements).

Impacting the environment: Compared to many other printing technologies, inkjet “inks” are primarily made of water. Some production inkjet inks are comprised of over 90% water and use virtually no VOCs or hydrocarbon based solvents. Water based printing is a preferred technology for companies and consumers who care about the environment and their impact on the planet. Also, putting ink on paper adds weight to the page. This extra weight can increase the cost of transport, mailing rates, and the cost to remove the ink for recycling.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 “The questions you should ask your Printer about High-Speed Inkjet Printing”

Fun fact:  We will be announcing our latest equipment acquisition in the next week or so. For more information on high-speed inkjet printing technology call or email us to learn more today!

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