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Direct Mail Marketing is Not Dead Especially Not For Millennial's

Marketers assume that millennials don’t like or don’t open their direct mail…but that is just not the case.

With the rise of digital marketing, many marketers have strayed away from traditional channels to target more digital channels of marketing. Even though digital channels have proved to be quite successful, traditional channels of direct marketing are still just as important.When it comes to direct mail marketing it is still effective across all age groups and demographics.

Millennials the “Digital Generation” seem to have a surprisingly high response rate when it comes to direct mail marketing. Millennials who receive direct mail marketing open them at the same high rate of all other demographics. Studies performed by the USPS found that “Millennials are far more likely than non-Millennials to read and engage with direct mail.”

The reasons why direct mail is still as effective today are because 25-34-year-old age range respondents say they opened direct mail because of the print and image quality. Millennials consider reading direct mail a leisurely activity, and many prefer direct mail over email.

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