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Did You Know That Today is International Print Day?

Why Premier Loves Print: Print is tangible and legitimate, you can hold it in your hands and it has staying power, unlike the digital advertisements that get stored on a computer or phone. Print has a presence that demands you connect and interact with it. It is also it’s shareable. It can change hands and journey from customer to customer and is the only media channel that physically allows you to put your message in your customers’ hands.

Show your love for Print today by using the hash tags #ipd17 #printux to share your love for print on social media.

For more information on international print day check out this link to the organization that put this all day event together:

Download the ThruBox App from your mobile store, print and hang the above image on your wall and get ready for an awesome and shareable PRINT + AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE

For more information contact us at

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