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Despite what you may think …

When American Express, Bank of America and Capital One want to increase their credit card adoption rates, where do they turn?  When subscription rates need to be boosted, where do high profile magazines like Sports Illustrated turn?  The answer is simple and solely due to their effective use of direct mail.

How about companies like Kohls, Netflix, Sony, and even US Army?  Yes, they all rely on direct mail for one reason: It works.

Despite the development of alternative media, the greatest returns in response come from hard copy communication.  According to the Printing Industries of America, consumers of all ages find postal mail to be more personal, important and trustworthy.

What else?

Every dollar spent on a direct mail campaign can be tallied and responses tracked.  Every response can be used to improve future campaigns and true one-to-one direct response marketing.  Additionally, it seems that electronic mail boxes are much more cluttered these days … and that it a great opportunity to stand out in the crowd with a unique targeted piece of direct mail!


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