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Catalogs: Why They Still Work In This Digital Age

In this age of digital clutter, your consumer’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Studies are finding that to reach consumers on a deeper level we need to shift the focus away from just digital experiences. Giving your consumers a tangible physical experience in an all virtual world will help your brand break through all the digital noise.

One way to do this is to bring the focus back to catalog printing, but not catalogs in the form that we once knew. Today’s version of the reinvented catalog are shorter, more economical and bridges the gap between the digital experience and a tangible one.

Smarter: They are driven by consumer data that is gathered through multiple marketing channels, so you can target the right customers at the right time with the right products

Economical: New production and printing capabilities such as high production inkjet have taken the cost and complexity out of tailoring versions to the individual customer. By using variable data you’ll never print the same version.

Micro-catalogs: try using a bi-fold or tri-fold postcard mailer with targeted products for individual consumers from gathered targeted data.

Magalogs: This form of a catalog is the combination of a magazine and catalog in one, with editorial content and product information paired up in one piece. This allows companies to show more of their brand identity throughout.

Mini-catalogs: This kind of catalog is about 10 pages long and can send out with the same cost of a standard automatic letter. These are quite effective at driving consumers to the product/company website and utilize PRLs, QR Codes, and Augmented Reality ( More to come on that in a future blog!) throughout the content driving up the company’s web traffic.

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