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Augmented Reality and Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels. Add a mobile three-dimensional element such as augmented reality (AR) and you have a real opportunity to see a higher rate of return.

When deciding to implement AR into your direct mailings you have to use it effectively. Just adding AR to your mail piece for the sake of a mobile component does not mean that it will help improve your ROI.

Factors to consider when deciding to use AR in your mail pieces:

How: Understand how AR works and the best ways to implement it. Consider that some users will have to download an app.

Define: What are you trying to accomplish by using AR? Boosting your ROI is a given but what else are you looking to achieve? Branding? Product features?

What: What feature or incentives will your customers get by using AR? Coupons, discounts or other type of perks?

What are the benefits of using AR with direct mail? Pieces come to life by adding another sensory experience. You can provide more content than a normal mail piece can. You can track clicks easily. Your piece will have a “wow” factor creating longer user engagement.

Those marketers using augmented reality are creating a fun, engaging experience.

There are so many creative ways to enhance your users experience. Remember to describe in easy to follow steps how to use it. Enticing messages will help drive people to try it out. When you use AR with your direct mail you will see a big difference in the interaction with your mail piece.

If you have video or animated content and you have your direct mail art, Premier can easily help you link them with AR.

Are you ready to propel your marketing to the next level by using AR? Contact for more information.

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