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“Are Your Trade Show Premiums Effective or a Waste of Money?”

Your Take-Away should accomplish the purpose of producing an intended result. In the Trade Show arena, it should be a positive and lasting impression of your company. Cool giveaways build buzz at the Show and drive people to your booth, but you also want customers to remember you and your company’s services months after. Here are some ways to prioritize your show goals and objectives using promotional items.

4 Tips on Successful Swag:

To Increase Brand Awareness – Something highly visible, like a tote bag, lanyards, or uniquely designed T-Shirts are affordable and will most likely be seen by everyone at the show.To Nurture Relationships – Higher end premiums like journals, clocks or executive pen sets, thank customers for their business, or for spending time to see your new products or services at the show.To Increase Booth Traffic – At Tradeshows, everyone’s a potential customer, affordable items such as high-tech gadgets, mobile phone Accessories, mouse pads, etc. will lure your target market to your booth.To Foster Memorability – Do Funky Foam Flyers sound cool? NOT. Or does a Note Pad Block with your Company name, what you do best sound like it’s meeting your goals and objectives? YES! Memorable and highly useable premium items will be kept right in front of your customers and used almost every day.

Be sure to always add important layers of information on your item so it’s easy for your customer to get a hold of you. Company name, phone number, Email and website URL are a must! Check out these trendy premium items that do the trick!  And unless you make yo-yos and foam stress balls, keep them off your list.

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