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Are Your Bills and Invoices Readable?

Bills and invoices are your last contact with your client, and there should be attention to detail along with company branding and style throughout. Here are some tips below to consider when designing your next bill or invoice:

Readability: is your billing, statements or invoices easy for the customer to read? The problem I see with most billing statements I come across is that too often bills will be a wash of black ink that draw your eye all around the page leaving you looking for your balance due. Bills should be clean and neat with minimal body copy. Here’s an example:

In this example the invoice is branded with the company color and items are itemized and easy to read. The pops of color also direct your eyes to important information such as when the balance is due, a special message, and the due date.

Personalized: Try personalizing bills and invoices by using variable data and dynamic messaging. Not only will this add a touch of personalization but it will show that the customer isn’t just another number in your company’s system. Also add a personalized thank you with your customers name at the bottom of your statement and this simple touch will show your appreciation for their patronage.

For more ways on how Premier can help make your billing statements and invoices more readable contact us at

PS. The most common cause of late payments is the result of customers having trouble reading their bills

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