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An Industry Update

The industry of printing and mailing has shown growth over the last year that hasn’t been seen since 2007!

So where is all the growth coming from?

According to NAPL’s State of the Industry Report, written by Chief Economist Andrew D. Paparozzi, the highest growth is coming from:

Direct MailPackagingWraps/BannersPromotion (other than direct mail)Display/POP Advertising

After analyzing contributions from over 300 industry participants, the NAPL (now called Epicomm) report goes on to describe the processes in our industry that have the most growth potential in the next 3 years.  

Tops on the list:

Digital Printing: Variable ContentDigital Printing: Static ContentInkjetSheet Fed Lithography

Printers and marketers agree that the success of any program is ability of solutions providers to partner with customers to create measurable value and ROI.

Companies will be looking to use these products and services in combination and/or with other digital strategies in order to maximize their targeting and communication efforts.

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