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3 Tips to Better Direct Mail Design

Development of some recent creative trends, as evidenced by mail cataloged in Who’s Mailing What (the most extensive database of direct mail and email in the world), show direct mail is a medium that is alive and quite capable of learning new tricks.

Full Color Envelopes – this approach has been on the upswing for several years.  As most evident on envelopes, it can be combined with teaser copy making it stand out.

Icon Graphics – use of graphics that mimic those from a screen (desktop, tablet or mobile).  They are deployed for prompt action prompting recipients to go online, make a phone call etc.

Advanced Personalization – 66% of respondents said customized name make a difference to what direct mail is opened*.  Beyond the name, using personally targeted data and imagery (think geography, buying history, gender etc.) on a mail piece can make it special and unique.

Sources: Vertis Survey, Target Marketing Magazine

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