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2020 Direct Mail Postage Rate Increase

The USPS has proposed a new price increase and should take effect on January 26th. What does this mean for you? Listed below are some highlights from the proposed 2020 rate increase.

First Class

  • One ounce stamped letter-size pieces are remaining the same at $0.55 each

  • One ounce metered letter-size remains the same at $0.50 each

  • Each additional ounce for a First Class Mail letter will cost $0.15

  • Qualified Business Reply Mail will be decreasing by $0.001 each

  • Flats will be increasing by 10.3%

First Class Presorted

  • Presorted letters will be increasing by 2%

  • Presorted cards will be increasing by 1%

  • Presorted flats have the largest increase this year of 7.2%

  • The cost for each additional ounce is increasing by 33.3%

USPS Marketing Mail

  • Letters will be increasing by 2%

  • Flats will be increasing by 4%

Nonprofit Mail

  • Letters will be increasing by 2.89%

  • Flats will be increasing by 6.55%

Fun Fact: Flats have been growing more expensive each year, but USPS studies show that they produce a better ROI than letter-size pieces. Email us today at for help creating your next cost-effective direct mail campaign.

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