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2019 USPS Postage Updates

United States Postal Service rolled out the new postage changes that will go into effect January 27th, 2019. These new rates show an overall increase of 2.5% for mailing or market dominant products. The most important areas to note are First-Class Mail and Presorted First-Class Mail.

The largest change we will see is in Commercial First-Class Mail with the largest increases for single-piece letters. Metered single piece rates will now be $0.03 below stamped pieces.

First-Class Mail®

First-Class Mail® Letters up to 1 ounce will increase from $0.50 to $0.55

First-Class Mail® Flats up to 1 ounce will stay the same ($1.00)

First-Class Metered Mail will increase from $0.47 to $0.50

Presorted Mail– USPS Presort can save you money off your annual postage bill. Presort is a discount for customers who have their mail sorted before it is sent over to the USPS. Presorting offers discounts based on service level, mail shape, and weight. If you send over 5,000 pieces of direct mail at a time then switching to presorted mail is smart.

Mixed AADC (MAADC) automation letters and AADC automation letters has increased to $0.428 & $0.412

Automated presort flat rates increased to $0.383

For USPS Marketing Mail the average increase is about 2.5%.

US Postal Service Postage Highlights:

The good news is that the USPS has continued its use and expansion of the mailing promo incentives. These can provide up to an additional 2% savings.

We will go into detail on how you can take advantage of these savings in the next post. These new postage changes go into effect January 27th, 2019. For more postage changes visit the USPS:

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