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10 Fresh Brochure Designs That Make A Statement

Creating well-designed brochures serve as a statement pieces that capture the reader’s attention and serve as an important marketing tool. Brochures are great for giving the reader more detailed information about products and services in a very visually appealing format. Below are 10 fresh examples of brochure designs that will inspire you when you design your next piece.

1.) Make your piece pop with a die cut cover and inserts to draw the reader in.

2.) This brochure has a unique die cut and folding combination with pops of color, use your body copy to direct the reader along and around the design of the piece.

3.) Try an embossed piece to give your brochure more texture and a modern fresh feel.

4.) This abstract piece has a die cut shape to achieve this fold, with the use of statement colors and the abstract folding your piece will entice your reader to pick it up unfold it.

5.) With this simple die cut piece you can give your brochure more texture and build upon each layer, by using this method you will draw your reader in with the peekaboo pages

6.) This die cut piece recreates photographed bokeh by exposing the colorfully printed second page through the die cut areas together with the printed shapes on the cover stock.

7.) Use foil stamping as an elegant focal point on your printed piece to leave a decorative finish combine that with intricate die cutting and statement colors you will have an eye-catching piece.

8.) Give your printed piece a modern feel with engraving and letter pressed copy, both design elements will give your piece more texture and a more luxurious look and feel.

9.) Try a die cut piece in the shape of your logo with a layered fold to engage your readers, add pops of color and you really have a statement piece.

10.) This die cut brochure booklet uses the die cut shape all throughout the artwork with bold statement colors and monochromatic photos to tie the piece together giving it a polished look.

Perhaps the most important factor when designing your next printed piece is to make it innovative, original and eye-catching. Your piece whether it is a business card, pamphlet, brochure or poster should convey what your business stands for and the message should be clear to the recipient. When designing your piece, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

For more information on how Premier can help you make your printed pieces stand out, email us at

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” -Bob Iger

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