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Cross-Media Marketing

Cross Media Marketing

Imagine creating and implementing marketing campaigns with truly customized targeting resulting in higher response rates!  Imagine maximizing your marketing spend to measurably improve the acquisition and retention of customers!


That is exactly what Premier’s Cross Media Marketing (CMM) Solutions can do.  CMM represents the multichannel, integrated marketing services that include; printing, email, PURLs, landing pages and targeted direct mail.  

Is your company utilizing Innovative Marketing Strategies?


At the core of any results driven marketing communication effort there is some level of data mining and/or data segmentation.  To be true 1 to 1 marketers, you must move your customers from one platform to another in order to identify the most qualified set of targets.   1 to 1 marketing is anything but “business as usual”.


Premier can help your marketing with the following value added services:


Data Mining and Segmentation – Premier will help you extract useful information and relationships from your data.   We can guide you in breaking down your data by customer, service, transaction history, demographics, personal preferences, income, etc.


Variable Communications and Customized Print Solutions - Our custom programming and printing technology can turn your data into attractive 1 to 1 marketing pieces.  On Demand represents the convergence of computing, communications and printing.  Combined with data segmentation and variable printing, you can capitalize on the digital printing technology to produce highly customized pieces mailed to only high quality targets.


QR Codes -  Smart phones have helped “put a barcode reader in everyone's pocket". As a result, the QR code has become a strong weapon in companies advertising and marketing game plans.  They provide quick and effortless access to your brand and website.  QR codes are proven to increase conversion rates by taking prospects across different media and further down the conversion funnel.  Premier cannot only create the QR codes for you, but we will work with you to create effective printed material to distribute them.


PURLs – Personalized URLs let you combine direct mail with the benefits of an interactive channel that provides a unique internet destination.  This will translate in capturing more data and more customers. URLs with your target’s name provide interest and a unique incentive to visit the site.  The result is a dramatic increase in response rates. Premier’s PURL solution is simple to implement and manage.  


What are the Benefits of Premier’s Innovative Marketing Solutions? 



1. Acquire and Retain Customers


2. Raise response rates


3. Target specific customers with specifice needs...with specific products and services!


4. Increase awareness of your company, brand, products and services


5. Increase qualified leads


6. Maximize marketing budgets and avoid overruns, inventory and storage issues

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